Saturday, January 29, 2011

the solo project ignites

pretty agony

is my new project. i will no longer be working as polychrome music-wise or in bavab bavab, tho i have loved doing both.

my vision with this project has been catalyzed by the arrival into my life of my korg electribe, who i have given the name "the duchess", my new drum machine!! she's an esx-1. she is my first drum machine, tho i've played with a few different ones.

the songs on the album are:

princess nemesis
the martians are our friends
the acrobat
snake dreamer
butterflies in battlegear
taste of tease
we both always win
carnal death rollercoaster
zen delicious

...this has been so very very juicy! i'm just churning out work. not writing. this is not about writing. it's about the solo project. i've given up writing for now...but i will soon dive back in. for now pretty agony is where i'm at.