Saturday, September 3, 2011

new song : 'climb' debuts the 17th

this life is moving faster

than you ever imagined it could be

you are someone precious

like a stone inside the coal

where are your friends when you think it’s come to this

when all of you will end and here’s a goodbye kiss

this life is going faster

than you ever imagined it could go

and your strife is just as valid

as any suffering of monks on fire

how to hand you this

it’s not much but It’s all I’ve got
the times are hard to change
the times are rearranging
our faces going cheap
close us down
close us down
and we climb
and we climb up!

this life is what we master
even tho we are blind on
what we can foresee
we’re all stuck on this rotating globe
and there is much more than this to know

your heart is in the right place

you have a smile on your face
and even if you’re cup isn't half full
loveliness can can be your goal